Azure of House Petrichor

one depiction of Azure among many

Azure is the enclave’s cook and confessor. They change their hair constantly, but it’s consistently a deep blue. Scuttlebutt suggests it’s their natural color.

Youngish-looking, they’re somewhere in their thirties. Or immediately outside thereof, one direction or the other. Their gender is basically unknowable, recognized as void. There’s something in their bearing that refuses to perform gender at all. In practice, it’s expressed as a chaotic blend of gendered traits. Because we’re all programmed to identify gender markers to one degree or another, void genders require a bit of buy-in on the part of the observer.

When the storms hit and the Psychic Maelstrom was ripped open, Azure was here, and the storm took them up and shoved a rift into the maelstrom between their eyes and they became the Iris, in the eye of the storm. Now, they can reach into your head, pull out a memory, and put it into their own head, where it lives as a foreigner in their recollections. If Azure lies down next to you and you both sleep, you can share each other’s dreams. Either work is real work, and exhausting at that. It’s also hard on the body to play host to the Psychic Maelstrom. Fatigue is common and pain is constant, but the garden provides.

When the storm took Azure up while it tore through the city core, it showed them things. In particular, it showed them the means and time of their death, but Azure didn’t want to know a goddamn thing about their death, so sometime after the storms, they went into their own dreams and used the dreamstuff to make that memory manifest, opened the rift to the Psychic Maelstrom in meatspace once awake, and dragged the manifest memory out of the dream. It exists now as a weird-eater. A shapeshifter whose true shape (if it can be called a “shape”) is always visible in your peripheral vision.

Azure, a good deal younger

Stormy Petrichor is the house mamma for the drag house Petrichor. House Petrichor has occupied a massive, borderline condemned old Victorian mansion for thirty years, and Stormy was one of the first baby-queer castaways Stormy took in. The Plague that presaged the Maelstrom wracks her body and mind. Without access to serious in-patient healthcare, she’s going to die, but by inches. Azure clips her painful memories, and gives her sweet dreams when it gets too much. The Iris remembers all the worst parts of the worst things that happened in the zone, but the garden provides.

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