Mushrooms, Act I

Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a fairy hand in hand For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand –WB Yeats There is a tear in the world. A strobing, omnicolorful streak that slides slowly up my left field of vision. Things blur and warp around […]

Azure of House Petrichor

Azure is the enclave’s cook and confessor. They change their hair constantly, but it’s consistently a deep blue. Scuttlebutt suggests it’s their natural color. Youngish-looking, they’re somewhere in their thirties. Or immediately outside thereof, one direction or the other. Their gender is basically unknowable, recognized as void. There’s something in their bearing that refuses to […]

The void isn’t colorless. It’s something out past violet in the skein of impossible colors only mantis shrimp can see. An inky gloom of hydrangea, azalea, and nightshade. Charcoal green of midwinter rot. Pink of a weeping wound. Heat lightning blue. The skies are rancid river water. The void isn’t silent, but the screams echo […]


Separate hues are weNaught distincts us from the mosssave eons of family tree The world is queer and we are nothingbut shades of fag.Distant faxes of the first shocked beginning,of the innocence of EdenBefore we knew from rags We are distinct, be only so manyfaces to go around.We echo each other in flesh andsympathetic neurons […]

Jane Comes Back

Jane’s eyes are puddles of arterial blood, brown irises gone black. A haze of black and red washes over the world. They feel the thunder rolling over head. Feels it in their cock. The rain hasn’t started yet. The wind tells them it won’t start until they get to the center of the storm. Their […]

Breathing Lessons From the Dead

Originally posted on An Archive of Our Own Summary: A quiet moment with Hark Guinness, science officer on the Seegson Corporation deep-space survey ship, UASS Nellie. He’s not feeling so good. Work Text: Last thing I remember is a flash of something like a hand. Then, as the pain and dried blood confirms, I hit […]

Burnt Steak

Burnt steak. That’s the scent of “outer space” Yuthi’So’Coro smelled with the molecular exchange through their cuticle. A semi-hardened, viscous seal they excreted to survive in a vacuum. A tingle along their body as the cuticle slowly froze in the ambient 2.7° Kelvin. Their tentacles spread out in a semicircle around the organ-sack of their […]


Happiness is a warm gun? Lennon never saw a smoking hole in his best friend’s chest. Bang bang. Shoot shoot. Rewind a week and I’m committing my first armed robbery. No… further yet and I’ve just been fired by West Telemarketing.   I’m Jon Starkey. Not big, but soft at the edges. Not divorced, but no […]

Color Gardner

Foresday, 7th Meluary, 1011. Winter, 5th Year of the Color Drought. Scribble     For the last five years, the island of Scribble has received no rain.  No rain means no color.  Snow we have a plenty, but that only serves to wash out the landscape even more.  Even the skins of we native to this […]


Idea I want to gamify. When I have even a moment’s conflict, my brain creates a construct of the person I was in conflict with. This construct is constantly used as the outlet for imagined arguments. The more exposure I have to the person, the more detailed and insidious the construct.